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Ramadan: Time of Reflection

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. It is a very precious month as the Quran (Holy Book) was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during Ramadan. Muslims all around the world fasts for 29/30 days – this can vary on the year accordingly to the lunar calendar. Fasting starts from Sunrise to Sunset, this year (2022) Ramadan will be in Spring. Meaning it will come with it’s own challenges and pleasures! Not forgetting the important practices besides fasting are reciting the Quran, making extra prayers, repenting from our sins, giving to charity and making the most out of our night vigils.

Reflecting on Ourselves!

Remembering when we was young, being young meant not all the fasts could be kept or we’d fast only half a day. This was still a big achievement for all of us as kids. Now being an adult, Ramadan is the time of self-reflection and being appreciative of what we have in our lives. The sad part of our life journey is that we sometimes forget to be ‘thankful’ and ‘patient’. The best part of our journey is the time of togetherness with your family and friends, uniting as one. Being with your loved ones allows you to think about others who are in far more difficulties and the less fortunate, who may not have enough food or clean water all year around.

We should always be thankful to God, spiritually uplifting ourselves to feel more connected and stay connected. Remembering this dunyā is temporary for all of us. Therefore, we should do things differently this Ramadan, make it the best one yet. Starting by forgiving and forgetting. Then practicing more, keeping on top of our 5 prayers, reading the Quran (with the meanings). Making more du’as and giving sadaqah to help us become better versions of ourselves.

Have a beautiful and blessed Ramadan. Don’t forget to reflect on yourself.